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A visit in 1986
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I visited the exhibition again in 1986 when I was 11, maybe twice as my clothes are different in these pictures from that time.
I was astonished that the exhibition had been extended into the stable block just around the corner in the quadrant.
It was amazing!
You got to see the actual DALEKs from Revelations, Colin Bakers story and they weren't the exhibition props but the real thing, up close and touchable.
There were 2 Daleks in Grey and Black, two of the new cream and gold Daleks and maybe three Cybermen.
It was at this time that I noticed the Daleks change shape and I didn't like it at all, they seemed to be fatter and less pointed.
My father scoffed and said I was being silly, but its since then that I have developed an accute eye for detail and notice every little change to such things. During a conversation in Brockley, JNT once confirmed that they had been re-designed somewhat to be more accomadating for the opperators and in effect had got broarder and more squat. He added that they needed more Daleks than were in existance (which if you look at most stories, seems to be three) so he had Stuart Brisdon & the wonderful Mike Tucker make some new Dalek shells, which were only loosely based (design wise) on the existing props.
The BBC Enterprise's shop was much more extensive too with the advent of home video, audio cassettes, posters, magazines, toys and other merchandise.





Some Cybermen were also on display, but I was more interested in THE DALEKS, having never got so close before! - No rope, no barriers no nothing...


The cream and gold colour scheme wasn't to my taste at all - and didn't it get worse!, but all the same I found it magical and fascinating!




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